A0114: When will the first colony of Earth dwellers form on another planet?

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The question would rather be when the first exostellar colony was founded. It is actually not that long ago and we also think that many beings incarnating on earth want to experience something like this because it broadens the horizon of experience of every incarnation and we also say why. The moment a person perceives that alien life actually exists, a great many inner universes are generated which, we would say, are of outstanding quality and which would incredibly enrich a soul. These moments in a person’s life are the stars of the moments that can be seen in the Akashic Chronicle. These moments are priceless and people who experience these moments will tell their whole lives about it. Nothing compares to this one moment, which can only be experienced as it is on Earth. We will always talk about the moments of the inner universes, there is still so much to see. The space fleet that took not long ago the inhabitants of the earth were very impressive for the governments of your earth and we would also say that they were very intimidated by the enormous size, so they keep trying this information to hide.

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