A0113: How do your own abilities, talents, perception and environment change when you have left the matrix?

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The matrix, as most people perceive it, does not exist. We have already pointed out several times that the “matrix” is actually the opportunity for an incarnation to experience the experiences that it would like to experience. If a person wants to live outside of this so-called matrix, the following factors will make them feel uncomfortable on the planet from a certain point in time:

  1. The person is no longer connected to the subtle shell that spans the planet and that ensures that we are able to accompany the incarnation on its path through life.
  2. The person will perceive a lot of what was previously hidden from them and we believe to say that this may disturb the person.
  3. The subtle shell also has the purpose of keeping foreign and harmful energies away. A person who decouples from this shell may be helplessly exposed to these energies and we will then no longer be able to support the person.
  4. The person will not feel any benefits in the long run, it will be interesting, but nothing will go as the incarnation once thought. Much will explain itself after death, but that’s something that no incarnation ever wanted.
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