A0112: Why do the male humpback whales sing?

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They don’t sing the way you humans do, but they have a habit of “serenading” their partners. Rhythmic sounds are harmoniously strung together so that it sounds like a sonorous melody to you humans. They communicate about these harmonious sounds and the male humpback whale wants to impress in particular and delivers these remarkable sounds to impress the partner. A lot of the whales in your oceans are still not understood by your scientists. These sounds are much more interesting than you now assume. Much of these sounds would impress you more than once you understand them. The whales are very communicative, just like you humans and we would also like to say: They are very similar to you in many respects and they have a very bright mind. You are not even familiar with many of the whale’s cognitive abilities or why scientists still do not know why a whale floats vertically in the water. Think about it, the solution to the puzzle would be more than surprising and we think we have to add: the whales don’t just look at each other, they do something together.

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