A0111: What is the health of Earth really like?

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We start by explaining who Mother Earth is. This is a creature of immense proportions and, when titled as female, has many opportunities for the subsequent ascent. It is not important whether the planet is dirty or not. The earth will rise and renew itself. The old earth remains as it is and is visited by many powerful beings who do everything to make this planet what it used to be. We do not say that man does not abuse the planet, but the damage that has been and has been done is by no means as enormous as you are always made to believe. Yes, the earth is recovering, but it is more like a mild cold to be judged by you humans and we would add that the planet manages to renew itself, you do not have to radically change your life for that. Act as you would like to be treated yourself, but do not begin to base your life on how well you have criticized it for anything and everyone who does not share your environmental attitudes. Everything has its reasons, your so-called climate change is just as much a part of it as the countless events in your own existence. Calm down and live a carefree life, the planet does it too.

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