A0110: Who or what is a person’s high council?

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The high council of a person has the task to monitor all possibilities during a life on the planet and to intervene if necessary if life does not go according to the idea of the incarnation. We also say life is diverse and many optional paths are followed and many decisions are then made by a person’s high council to enable the person to choose the life that the incarnation previously chose. When the soul sends its incarnations to earth, many decisions have already been made in which the incarnation was not present. When the incarnation arrives, it is received by the respective high council and the life plan is discussed. The high council advises the incarnation and also listens to their concerns, everything that is decided there is binding for all sides. The life plan provides many optional ways to evaluate. If the incarnation thinks that the path is too difficult, it can demand changes or withdraw from the life plan. Nobody is ever forced to do so, and we would add that all incarnations go into an earthly life freely and nobody is persuaded to do so. No one is ever forced to do so, everyone agrees and the incarnation enters earth life at the appropriate time. The high council has other functions that we would like to discuss another time. We still say that the high council has the task of evaluating life as such in order to draw up a changed plan for future incarnations. In the end, the soul wants the best for its incarnations, that’s why there is this rating system.

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