A0109: The inner Universe

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Question: Is every moment lived as a memory a separate inner universe?
No, your lived moments are not reflected as an inner universe, but are part of an inner universe. The lived moment is always a very personal moment for a person and therefore this moment is present as a thought in an inner universe. We would also say that the resulting inner universe is home to many of these moments from a person’s perspective, but even more important is the fact that the moments are only a reflection of the person’s moment, but the moments of the other people are also included. At a concert, many extraordinary moments are generated for one person. These moments in the respective inner universe also house all the moments of the other people at the concert, regardless of whether they are spectators or performers. These moments of the other persons are also contained in the inner universes of all persons present, so that a journey through one of these inner universes also largely contains the moments of the other persons. You travel in your universe and can experience the moments from the perspective of other people, so does the soul when your inner universes are mirrored in the soul. She is then able to view and experience the moments from all angles.

If you do something to someone, the soul will not only perceive this moment through your perspective, but also through the perspective of the injured person. She, the soul, will then experience the victim as you have misused it. That is why many souls do not want to send their incarnations to earth because this is exactly the place in the universe where these moments are most impressively created. Every soul knows this and many are afraid of it. But the moments are not always tragic, so that the joyful moments predominate and ensure a very high growth of the soul. We also think we have to say: every inner universe is home to at least one such outstanding moment, otherwise a new inner universe will not be generated. We also think we have to say that the inner universes are also classified by us, so that in a new inner universe we speak of those universes of which there are many, but only a few exceptional ones. You and every living person are constantly generating new inner universes, but they are not all characterized by extraordinary features, so when we talk about a new inner universe emerging, we are more likely to speak of the extraordinary inner universes. We do not cover this topic in detail, but it should be enough for the first understanding in this matter. We also say the following: Each inner universe always consists of the sub-universes of the other people who were present at the snapshot. That’s why you can easily understand other people’s perspectives on certain occasions after death. These moments of other people are in the inner universes of each person and can then be called up at any time. This in turn generates a moment in the inner universe when people relive the moments of other people, just as the soul does. You will also be surprised if you perceive the moments of your life from the perspective of other people. These are always, really always very moving moments that in turn generate moments.

You see, there seems to be no end to it, but the moments also have their limits. People perceive moments differently, this can be observed very well in testimonies and each person did not perceive a “moment” as accurately as any other person. A lot will then be reflected in the moments and a lot of things will be perceived differently by one person, which will always lead to disagreements with you humans, because one person perceives the moment differently than the other person. Many of the inner universes are never viewed again because they do not really add value as a moment, but many moments are the stars among the seekers. Because many things can only be experienced so extremely on Earth, many would like to experience these documented moments in order to understand what happened there. The inner universes are also managed by the Akasha library, so that after death someone can gain insight and others can share in these moments. Your as well as all other inner universes are collected there and made accessible to many beings who are interested in them. You, like every other person, have a certain amount of privacy, but most of your moments can already be accessed and used today. By this we mean for your future life, many decisions from the spiritual world refer to these moments and we also say: Your moments are frequently called up right now so that we can continue to support you. Many of the moments are only replicated by the soul, because some of the moments are not for everyone, but rather belong to the private nature. Your and all other moments enrich the beings who do not live as human beings on earth, so that we have to say: All of your lived moments are extremely valuable for the outer and the inner universe of each being. We also say that we could not even begin to discuss this topic because it is so complex in itself that we can only gradually approach the core.

Question: Why can other beings experience our inner universes now, but our soul only with our death?
This is a good question, many of the moments do not reflect everything related to what has been experienced and many moments are not complete in the Akasha library, as there are a lot of moments that become more and more complex the more people were present. The Akashic library will never contain the big picture of a big moment, but it is of unimaginable interest for a better understanding of the beings who are interested in it. The soul can absorb all of these moments and we ourselves then speak of the actual growth of a soul that grows steadily through the inner universes. Everything that the soul experiences in moments makes it grow in the sense of: The soul is then able to do more than before.

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