A0108: Is there fate?

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No, fate is not to be seen as most people assume it. What is fate? – Whenever situations arise in which the right decisions seem to have been made by chance, fate strikes and everyone believes that this is something that is controlled by the higher realms. However, this is not always the case and we would also like to say: Whenever something unforeseen happens, a higher power is not always involved, but many people themselves control these situations for the benefit of others whom they often do not even know. People often tend to think that everything is predetermined and therefore coincidences are part of it. It does not happen too often that we intervene. It is important to note who we are. The beings who are able to do this are authorized to do so and can intervene if necessary. There are also beings who intervene without it being predetermined. This always leads to confusion in all realms and much has to be bathed by us. We also think we have to say that much of what you wanted to do before you incarnated everything on earth will never be achieved because you have free will to be taken into account. That is why a lot is perceived as destiny, which was actually just a coincidence and a lot is actually not in our power. Therefore, do not always think that everything has been predetermined by fate, but think carefully about what decisions you will make next. Your free will allows many life options and we will then try to support you no matter what you choose. It is not in our interest to prevent you on the way, but it is always nice to accompany someone who follows their heart’s desire, regardless of whether this was an option that was provided in the optional life plan. We would also like to emphasize that, as masters of the Akasha, there are limits that we must not exceed. Therefore, we cannot always support everything as the person would like. Depending on what will be done next, “fate” will be perceived by you humans in one way or another. We also say: Everything you will ever experience is partly predetermined, but the course of life is not one of them. Therefore, do not think about fate as something final, but as something that can often be assigned to chance. We also control many of these coincidences, but not all of them.

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