A0120: Which factions are there in the spiritual world?

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We have to differentiate between several levels. Whenever something happens on a level, factions are automatically formed that represent one or the other view of things. Most commonly they represent the angels, demons and devils.

Whenever a “party” does not feel understood, it creates a faction to represent things from their point of view. Yes, it’s similar to your usual parties. The group with the most “members” usually wins the dispute and we also think we want to say: the group with the most “members” is the angel group. As on your planet, the party with the most members dictates the further course of events in the respective countries. The angelic faction has a high influx and many souls from this faction have sent their incarnations to earth, so that things tend to go according to this faction, with you on the planet. The angelic faction is responsible for many wrongdoings, just like the other factions. An angel doesn’t always have to be good, as you always learn. The angel is just a faction, nothing more and nothing less. The angel tries to act in the sense of his faction, just as a devil or demon would. Here we will treat the demons separately because this faction differs from all other factions in many ways. The soul that decided at some point to join a faction will have carefully considered why it is doing so. As this decision is binding and cannot be easily reversed. This bond is indoctrinated to the soul, we mean we want to say: the soul is marked and all coming incarnations of a soul receive this identification. The incarnations that already existed do not automatically adopt this identifier and you are free to choose this faction or to remain neutral. The choice for an opposing faction is never made because it includes other characteristics that humans are not yet aware of.

Once the soul has chosen a faction, it usually remains a “member” of this faction until the faction dissolves itself or other circumstances arise, which we want to briefly explain:

  1. The soul is dissatisfied with the actions of the faction and one day decides to no longer be a “member” of this faction. This has far-reaching consequences that we want to address another time.
  2. The soul decides to join the opposing faction. This has rarely happened, but this change also has many consequences that we want to address another time.
  3. The soul decides to found its own faction. This has an impact on all factions concerned with the subject. A new faction enables souls to reevaluate everything and many can switch to a new faction more easily than to an existing faction. The consequences are not that serious and we also think that they usually decide to do so when changing factions.
  4. The soul decides to become neutral and not belong to any factions. By this we mean that a soul can belong to several factions, but it must not belong to an opposing faction on a subject. If the soul chooses this neutrality, it must not intervene easily in many events. This applies throughout the universe, a soul is not punished, but it can be excluded from many activities, so that most neutral beings adhere to it exactly. We also think we have to say: A neutral soul will do a lot for the incarnated beings on all planets, because their neutrality guarantees the conscientious implementation of the incarnation cycle. For example, many of these beings work as a kind of spirit guide or spiritual teacher. One cannot speak of a gender, but rather of a tendency.

How does a soul benefit from joining a faction? It has many possibilities to work, which it receives from the faction.

Many beings are looking for the adventurer and therefore like to join temporary factions to explore the limits like in a game. Short-lived factions are also being set up again and again to tackle things somewhat more quickly. There are many reasons to join a faction and many of these reasons are incomprehensible to you humans, but the so-called fight between angel and devil happens only in your mind or do you think the big parties in your countries fight to the blood. No, many of these legends are based on the fact that at one point in your history a faction was in charge and that faction formed the general picture of the spiritual world. Neither are all angels good, nor are all devils evil. Everything is relative and we also have to say that the demons are an exception here, which we would like to discuss later. First of all, it is important for you humans to know that factions are only an association of beings who have a certain view of a topic, nothing more and nothing less. One day, many beings choose to change factions or become neutral. What exactly happens is very interesting and hopefully this writer will ask us the next time. We have a lot to tell about this and this information will be new to most people. Let yourself be surprised.

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