A0121: Can some dreams show clues to a previous life?

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This is an interesting question and we will try to answer it briefly, since the actual question should be “What are the dreams?”. We hope the writer will ask us this question one day, then we could illuminate the dreams in their profundity. Many of the dreams that you humans have are simply processing dreams from your consciousness. We mean that a person [thinks] over so many useless events in the course of a day that the consciousness that also has to work up once. This often happens in dreams, but not always. When a person “experiences” a dream, many things happen that you do not consider possible or do some people know that a dream also travels to the inner universes of other people who were also present at a certain moment than that Dreamer experienced this moment from his perspective? We don’t think. Which is why, in short, a lot can “happen” in a dream that has nothing to do with the actual person. We would like to deal with this topic separately, it will be very interesting for everyone.

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