A0105: Which method would be most effective to cure tinnitus?

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Tinnitus always occurs when capillary vessels push on top of each other. This effect describes a peculiarity that you have not yet properly researched and therefore you do not know the cause. The vessels will interact with each other whenever the body does not get the balance it needs. Let’s take a person who always drinks coffee. The caffeine has a negative effect on all capillary vessels in the body. If at some point the body has too much, the vessels begin to move rhythmically with the pulse. These movements increase the friction between the vessels. Then, at a certain point in time, one of the vessels becomes brittle and the material properties ensure that the smallest amount of electricity is conducted through the body. These small surges slow the blood circulation in the head area and as a result the person then perceives these tone fluctuations. So in order to treat tinnitus, you have to find the reason why your body starts producing small current salvos. Everything else never fixes the problem, just conceals the effects. We also say that tinnitus is not just a result of excessive coffee consumption, but many factors can stress the body so much that the effect always leads to a so-called tinnitus. So pay attention to what you eat and drink, nothing is easier to regulate than food intake. We also say, pause when you realize tinnitus is on the horizon, then you know you have mistreated your body in some way.

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