A0106: Does humanity really come from the monkey?

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No, the monkey is only a close relative, but humans do descend from a completely different being. We want to briefly announce a little explanation about humanity: 

Man is a blueprint that finds many different forms of expression on different planets. The human being is put on a human-like being over the existing material, so to speak, and the expression that arises is a human being with human-like and earthly / exo-terrestrial characteristics and properties. That is why the monkey on your planet is the human-like kind that was used to create earthly people. We also want to give the reason why a blueprint is used. All human species on many planets always have distinctive characteristics that connect them with each other. That is why you are able to have children with extraterrestrial species. This would never happen if the intelligent beings developed separately. Also, the entities that are responsible for it are always full of joy when a new kind of people can develop again. That is why the monkey is only a relative, but never your ancestor in the sense of: the monkey has developed into a human being. Rather, it is the case that the monkey has almost reached its highest potential, after that only the external induction of extraordinary features is able to enable the monkey to continue to evolve. So don’t look down at the monkey, he has more brains [mind] than most people would trust him to. Therefore, man is more related to human species on other planets than to the common monkey. 

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