A0104: Can a soul incarnate as long as there are not yet decomposed body parts on earth?

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No, in fact everything must have decomposed beforehand. Your body is not only flesh and bones, but your chakras are connected as energy nodes to the corporeal and flesh body. The soul energy in a body will see the body as a cage. It is able to animate every point in the body, so its energy is absorbed and integrated by the flesh. This in turn means that when the soul leaves the body, it always does so as a whole. Death is another subject, which we will explain in due course. But now we turn to the separation of the soul from the body. The soul fragments in individual organs remain in the flesh until it is finally decomposed. This procedure also means that if the soul is not yet complete, i.e. all the soul fragments from one incarnation have not yet arrived at the soul, it is not allowed to send the next incarnation to earth. This is to prevent the soul from becoming a fragmented soul that hinders itself in its progress by being incomplete.

Question: What about mummies?
Yes exactly, what does the incarnation that has turned into a mummy do? It has only the possibility of waiting until all the fleshly remains have decomposed. Until then, the incarnation, and therefore also the soul, is fragmented. Therefore, all incarnations of a soul are left where they are until the last fragment arrives. Then the soul can send the next incarnation to earth.

Question: Is it only valid for the incarnation on earth or does it also apply in general to incarnations that animate extraterrestrial beings?
No, it is valid for all incarnations, regardless of where they incarnate in the universe. There are certain exceptions, but we should not discuss them today. We would still want to say that all incarnations have one thing in common, they will one day be more than they are now. They as incarnations will grow, as will the soul, so misdeeds committed on earth are not an indication that the incarnation is not a loving and peaceful being. Everything is relative, always depending on the perspective from which a circumstance is illuminated. In the end, nothing stops the growth of a soul. Even peaceful beings have committed something at some point in their soul life that you humans would call deviant. Everyone has not only a second chance, but as many as are required. This is also a good thing, otherwise the souls would not change for the better either, but stagnate where they are just not getting anywhere. We also say that the soul as such has to suffer a lot, because it has innumerable incarnations within itself that do all kinds of mischief and cruelty, and it has incarnations like you that know how to deal lovingly with their environment. You are causing great growth, there is really no doubt about that. Keep it up and enable your soul to do so much more. It will one day be the reward for your thoughtfulness in resolving your obstacles today and not disregarding them. We also say: The soul will never become greater than the Creator, but it will develop in its greatness into something very close to the Creator. You, as incarnate beings of your soul, have a very large part in this and we feel we must say that those who think life is not worth living should think twice about whether they want to do this to their soul. Nothing is more tragic than choosing suicide, nothing is ever solved by it, nor do you escape your tasks. Never solve your problems with suicide. No one will be happy about it, certainly not the soul.

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