A0103: What happened to the hiking group at Dyatlov Pass in 1959?

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As we have explained before, there is a second group that is responsible for this massacre. The pictures that the first group had taken would make all speculation come to nothing. The first group’s misfortune was these pictures. The second group would not accept it and is responsible for the gruesome crime. The second group has never been held accountable. Some members of them would want to undo everything and they live a life of shame because of it. But do not condemn them for it, they are more than aware of their guilt and they still suffer from it today. The karma points they have accumulated for the crime will accompany them for many incarnations. This is usually also a reason to leave life earlier than expected. The time can then be used for all kinds of studies to prepare for the next incarnation while working through the accumulated karma. Nothing would be more tragic than if the incarnation that is to work off the karma does something like this or similar again and further increases the soul’s karma. This will be difficult to settle in a single incarnation. Therefore, always consider beforehand what you are doing on the planet.

Question: All karma points are accumulated in the soul? If an incarnation dies, having accumulated a lot of karma, then the person in the soul is no longer responsible for it?
No, the person in the soul actually no longer has anything to do with the so-called reduction of karma. He is responsible for it, but he no longer incarnates on earth, so he also no longer has anything to do with this karma. We would also add: A person, in a soul, is always independent and, with its task on earth, has done everything the soul has asked it to do, without any further evaluation of the outcome of life. She is then free to do whatever she wishes. Nothing will bind it to what happens on earth. This is something that humanity has never illuminated. Now is the time to make this knowledge public among the humans of Earth.

Question: When a person incarnates on another planet, is there also karma there?
No, karma is only used on Earth. This planet is unique in its nature. Karma was created to provide souls with an opportunity for growth that does not exist in this form anywhere else in the universe. It is also worth mentioning that the karma collected here enables the soul to use the connection to its incarnations again and again to move forward and to take care of each incarnation. Nothing would be worse than a father always favouring one child. The other child would never be able to experience love as it is passed on by loving parents to their children. That is why it is not only the duty of a soul to scrutinise everything concerning its incarnations and to show the same love to all incarnations as the Creator does to all beings in the universe. You see, the soul does not simply sit back and let its incarnations do everything, but it itself must accomplish much more than you could ever imagine. Therefore, do not be angry with your soul when once again your life does not go as you would like it to. Everything will be resolved one day. The knowledge of this can be an enlightenment. Live your life the way you want to, you alone decide what you want to accomplish in life and how you want to get there. Many obstacles are in your way, you decide how this obstacle will be solved. Therefore, cheer up, you all still have a lot to do.

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