A0102: How did the universe come into being and what was before it?

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We begin by explaining what the universe actually is and what it is made of.

  1. The universe is more than you can imagine. Take an apple and try to determine what it is made of. You will quickly come up with microbiological characteristics that will eventually overwhelm your understanding. It is the same with the universe, much of it you know but most of it you are not aware of nor could you understand.
  2. The Universe has many layers that are neither your concern nor your interest. Some layers are known to you. We are talking about the planes of existence that, if you understood them, would give you an absolutely new perspective on the coexistence of the mundane and spiritual worlds. We also want to emphasise that the planes are only one aspect and there is so much more to know and experience about them.
  3. The planes border on other planes, which as a whole would represent a vacuum of the elements. We emphasise again, they are only partial aspects of something much greater.
  4. We also dare to share the following: The universe does not exist only on the outside, but each person in turn gives the universe its own small universe, which is, however, no less complex in its nature. Further, we would like to say that each universe in a person consists in itself of multiple universes which, when compared with the outer universe, are hardly different. We also say that your own inner universe is equally different from every inner universe of all living persons. Humans, especially, are always under the misapprehension that everything ends with the death of the bodily life. This is truly not so, and we also think we have to say that death is the beginning of something much greater. Death mirrors the inner universe into the actual soul, so that we are talking here about the growth of the soul, which, with the death of each incarnation, absorbs all the inner universes into itself. The soul reflects all the mirrored universes into itself in turn. This process is unceasing and will generate from a small, pure and inexperienced soul something that, speaking in all seriousness, comes very close to the Creator.

But let us return to the subject at hand. The universe has always existed, even if you find it difficult to understand, but it has always been there and the Creator has also always been there. It has just changed over time and expanded almost immeasurably. What you perceive of the Universe is only a small aspect and there is so much more to discover. We will speak of this again and again so that all present will, in time, gain a greater understanding of it. Now we will give a small glimpse of what will happen to this universe. It will continue to expand, also from the point of view that your scientists assume that one day the universe will come to a standstill with its expansion. But the expansion will also continue on levels that may seem completely alien to most humans, if not all humans. Therefore, lie down in bed with peace of mind to sleep, the universe will last forever.

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