A0101: Which exercises can be used to train telepathy?

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This is a good question that has to be answered now. This is a question every human being has at least once in a lifetime and we would say that telepathy as such is not difficult to learn, but it is all the more difficult to connect with another creature. We recommend an empty head, even if it sounds crazy at first, but a calm mind is the be-all and end-all of telepathy. When you are ready to master the empty mind, it is not difficult to speak telepathically with other creatures in the spirit. The empty mind is the main obstacle that has to be mastered first, afterwards it is only a visual act in order to finally be able to establish the connection. The voices in your head will always be the same [voice]. Your voice “speaks”, but someone else directs the words into your consciousness. As we said, this is not difficult for human beings to learn. The voices can vary in spirit in promising exercises, but they almost always sound the same. This leads us to the following remark: Voices in the head always arise from a person’s deep consciousness, if the person is very relaxed, the voice can also vary because the slight oscillation differences, in this state of consciousness, can be perceived much better. For those of you who want to learn telepathy, we can say with certainty, without high discipline and perseverance, you will never be able to learn telepathy. Only those with the necessary ambition will master this high art. This also raises the question of whom you actually want to contact telepathically. The writer present here does it almost every day and is also aware that even if he only hears his own voice, he always communicates with different beings. Telepathy is very highly regarded as an art, but the use in your time would be rather low. That’s why it’s better to learn something that you can use throughout your life. As advice, it would be appropriate to mention that the art of healing suits you much better than telepathy.

Question: But why can people still hear different voices if there should only be slight differences?
There are always exceptions and some people can actually perceive differences in their communication, but these are actually very few people.

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