A0100: What is the tragedy of awakening?

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We start with the fact that awakening, as you perceive it, never happens. It is rather the case that people set different priorities from a certain point in time and therefore do not always get around to deal with life as such. This is often because, at some point in their life, the person thinks about such things. It is also often the case that people are introduced to the spiritual world by other people and thus the curiosity is so strong that everything should be learned about it. We also say that the spiritual world is ahead of the worldly world in all things, so that much that you cannot experience in the worldly world wants to be experienced in the spiritual world. We also say that some of you are reluctantly driven to do so because of your life plan. These people experience martyrdom and must pass the tests and tasks to take the next step in their development. We also say that these people are not very numerous, but they are very important for the general coexistence on your planet, because they are always supposed to bring about a leap in society as such. Most of the time, these people may have no idea what is happening to them, but they mostly master all of their tasks and then act for the benefit of all those around them. These people must also overcome many obstacles that are placed in their way. This can often be painful as well as traumatic, but ultimately they always know what to do. We help them in many ways so that the desired goal is almost always achieved in the end. We also say: Whenever someone thinks they are strangely prevented from progressing, don’t remember a task you should be doing, so tackle that task and get it done, nothing could stop you. It is you who walk the path, do not stop, do not give up, keep going. The goal is always worthwhile and you will be surprised when you get there, what you have mastered. This is something to fight for, so fight for it, nobody can stop you. Your own EGO can mislead you, if you have recognized this, the EGO is helpless and cannot lure you on the wrong path. Because the EGO will always be with you and you decide how much power it receives. Keep the EGO in check and you can see and deny the predetermined path. Always keep your head vertical and you go through life as the soul intended. Don’t stop, the standstill prevents you from doing so many good things, honestly nobody wants to experience this.

We would like to give this person some advice. This advice is always helpful for all the tasks that are given to them:

“Look up and think about what you really want, which is usually the reason why you are in this predicament. Look up, recognize the wish and act the way you would do it if this wish had already been fulfilled“

Nothing can stop you, except yourself. Outwit the EGO and go your predetermined way.

We also say the following: among you there are several of these people, so stop and look up to see your wish. It will appear if you want it to. Never forget that, it is you who will guide the fate of those around you. Act prudently, but do not let this path lead you away. The EGO knows how far it can go, you can stop it. If you didn’t know it beforehand, then this should make your life easier, so don’t worry when the next task is up, with this knowledge you are prepared for everything to come. Always remember, nothing happens for no reason, everything is predetermined. Even with free will, you all have a task to perform that constantly leads you to border areas that need to be recognized and mastered. Never stop, this only means grief and it is not to be seen that a mastered task is much more fun than giving up beforehand. In the end, the supposed easy giving up always means the useless allocation of time, which should be wasted much better with useful actions. You all know that actions that have no meaning and purpose are wasted time that you only get annoyed about in the end. This is something that always troubles people, so free yourself from the idea of standing still and mastering what there is to master. But one thing we would like to say, all actions are important, no matter how important they may seem to you, everything has a reason and you are the main character of this episode of life. Therefore, do not believe your actions will not be seen and heard, if you ask for help it will be heard and the help will be given to you in different ways. We also say that whoever thinks these people suffer on their way is not only right, these people usually have to deal with mental tasks that most other people not only do not want to experience, but also could not master. Therefore, be lenient with people in this category, they endure a lot, but they also have their limits that are too often exceeded.

It is the task of society to give people aide, this applies to all areas of life and this group of people has a particularly difficult time, which is why it is always surprising how quickly some people can get out of their “low”. It is always this change from a felt “high” to a felt “low”. Most people have this as a distinguishing feature and they first have to master this emotional world in order to be able to tackle the next tasks. The path has many plateaus that have to be climbed in order to finally reach the destination. Everyone has their own method of reaching these plateaus. If you think you can’t get to the next level, ask for advice in the spiritual world. Ask for help and it will be given to you. A lot of things seem to happen by chance, but there is a reason for everything, these are the signs that group of people must see and recognize. Everything has a reason in the list of tasks and this list should be mastered. Do not think it is easy, nothing you can imagine others can get to these tasks. Even if only a few tasks in the physical world have to be mastered, there are actually some. These tasks are not assigned to everyone, but some of these people have to recognize physical complaints as something that connects them with other lives through time and space. The task then is to recognize this and resolve it. If anyone thinks they have such entanglements, we advise that they be solved. This is usually something where the person can get help, in the form of a therapist. But generally these people have to struggle with mental tasks that want to be solved. We also say that not everyone of you belongs to this group of people, but those who are concerned now know why they are experiencing so much as other people are not. So go ahead, master your tasks, we are watching and are always happy to see your progress and people who have not been hit so hard will be closely watched. Everything will be recorded and after your death you will not only be able to see everything, but you will also be amazed at how everything was put in place, even if a few, many secrets have already been uncovered and all the [beings] present, as you always say have prepared “sleepless nights”. But even these people cannot avoid mastering their tasks, even if we have to confess that they therefore make it more difficult for the beings who are responsible for the tasks and that the person has to solve tasks that are even more difficult than they should have. This prolongs “suffering”, but it is inevitable. Head up, you can do it, we are sure of it. Everyone should know that we are not doing this for our entertainment, but everything is for the growth of people. It is not easy, but it is doable.

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