A0080: Is there a so-called construct, a grid that represents the earth and the planes, a hood of energy fields?

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No, this construct does not exist, but there is a field that spans the planet. This field comes close to the construct, but is a different construction in itself and also contains a different task than the so-called construct. The construct is a misconception about the tasks that the earth represents for the incarnations.

Let us assume that a soul wants to experience itself on earth as a human being, it would not make sense if the life span on earth for the soul were lived with tasks and experiences instead of just living there. How long would it take for an incarnation to find the path the soul chose. That’s where we come in. We are beings who, with free will, try to stick to the predetermined plan. We say try because each incarnation is free to choose what it ultimately wants to experience on Earth. We think that if the incarnation means doing something completely different, then we are powerless, but we have the option to implement the predetermined plan by leaving subtle clues to the incarnation that the incarnation itself can figure out how the original plan actually looks like.

We also think we have to say: Those who think they live in a construct are right, but they are no longer prisoners in the sense of never escaping from the construct, but rather it is the soul who has decided how many Incarnations are said to linger on earth. We mean that when a life is over, the incarnation is taken out of the “construct”. You as a person no longer has to incarnate, but another independent incarnation will begin the next life in the incarnation cycle. This is so that all incarnations of one soul can grow. Therefore, the experiences of different incarnations must also be experienced. Furthermore, the incarnations are not held on earth, but they are free in whatever they want to do. You have the right to choose your own path.

Only when the soul so wishes, the incarnations come together to organize something new e.g. to experience life on earth. Everyone who participated in it had previously agreed. It is always a request from the soul that causes the incarnations to ultimately experience the earth and it is never an order, as some may believe. It is always based on mutual agreement between the soul and its incarnations.

We also want to emphasize that reality does not exist on earth because everything is always planned in such a way that the incarnation cycle can be adhered to. Exceptions confirm the rule, but basically you all wanted to lead the life you are leading, at least when all parameters have been met.

A lot is on your path that was agreed in the life plan and a lot has already happened. Let’s take this writer, he has accomplished almost everything he had set out to do, only one thing is still open. He has to find out for himself, he knows very well that we won’t tell him, but we support him and hope that one day he will find out.

The reality bubble that some of you have entered is a fallacy because in the end you cannot achieve what you set out to do. So think carefully about how you want to spend the rest of the time on the planet. Nothing will bother you anymore when you finally realize that you have achieved almost nothing of what you once intended. In the end it will be something that you feared the most. To take on all these hardships and then drive past the goal grandly. Live your life the way you want it, but consider that your actions not only affect you as an incarnation, but the soul in general would be delighted if you ultimately achieve what you set out to do.

We also say don’t become like someone who has regretted his life just because pride drives you to it. Remain free in what you do and use the favor of the hour to free yourself from old burdens. Nothing is nicer than to experience when an incarnation finds its way and follows the desired path.

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