A0081: What are the Wingmaker doing on Earth and why are they called that?

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They have many names. Some names come from ancient civilisations and some names are no longer spoken/mentioned today. The Wingmakers stand out for their extraordinary perseverance, because they are without doubt the ones among us who really give up everything for their success. They have been with us from the beginning of time and will probably be the last to guard this universe. For it is thanks to their tireless devotion [to] the things of all being that planets like yours exist at all. It is they who ensure that a planet becomes life-friendly in the first place. They have the power to implement anything they imagine. They too have their limits, but they always have a positive adjustment towards life. That is why even the greatest challenges are a kind of blessing for them, because they are forced to be able to produce a life-friendly environment even under the most adverse circumstances. They watch you as a whole very closely so that the life work does not perish through undesirable circumstances and the planet ultimately dies through the influence of the human. They have many manifestations and they live in other dimensions. If any of you meet them, you will not recognise them.

Question: How are the Wingmakers working here on Earth now?
They have many plans for this planet and are always careful not to interfere with life. They work by deflecting the solar winds or directing asteroids to other paths. They are also able to reduce most of the harmful substances in your atmosphere. They live a life for life and that is what makes them so extremely interesting. Wingmakers also prevent natural disasters time and time again. They look down from far above. They regulate many things in nature that you take for granted. Did you know that without the Wingmakers nature would not find a new beginning, it would always remain in the present state and the further development of nature would immediately stop without them. They are particular in the selection of a new living being and therefore also very stubborn when it comes to adapting a living being to its changing environment. They usually don’t want to hear well-intentioned advice, almost like you do. They have a long list to work through and changes brought in from outside are not very popular.

Question: Do you talk regularly?
No, we are active in other fields and are rarely in contact.

Question: Are the Wingmakers the most powerful beings?
No, there are other beings who are capable of doing much more, but yes, they are very powerful.

Question: Do they get their task to create new life or do they do it of their own accord?
They are their own master and do it out of a deep love for all life in this world and other worlds. They were never given the mandate to do what they do, but their whole being is aimed at sustaining life and making it possible. We will now entrust you with something that a human has never heard before. The Wingmakers are very actively at work on your world again right now and these effects will be seen in the not too distant future. They will bring balance back to the environment and you as humans will once again be able to experience everything as the Wingmakers once intended.

Question: Did the Wingmakers create humans?
That is a good question. Humans are a blueprint that is adapted to the respective nature on a planet. Therefore, most humanoid beings look very similar and differ only slightly.

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