A0082: What is the difference between a soul and the so-called Sovereign Integral (SI)?

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This is not easy to explain and we start by explaining what the soul represents for you humans. The soul is a construct that houses many parts of the soul, which, among other things, represent the incarnations. If a part of the soul thinks that it has to experience itself in some form, an incarnation is actually born. However, this process is not fully described and we would come back to it later in other answers. The soul as a whole is extremely complex, as one could only begin to explain this complexity in several sentences. We start with how we perceive the soul of an individual and take the soul of this writer for it. His soul is not as small as he thinks and it has already experienced a lot more than he could ever imagine, but his soul counts on him because he as a person is able to create something new. By that we mean generating positive growth for the soul. Whenever an incarnation generates positive growth, the soul is able to perfect itself, so we want to say: the soul is able to grow and do more than it could until then. The soul always grows when an incarnation experiences something new for it, that is because repetitions do not represent progress for you humans either. The soul grew through the fact that this writer gained access to the spiritual world, although he had never believed in it. This change in his belief caused a feeling of euphoria in the soul. We would say the soul has grown enormously at this point. This exceeded all expectations and we are proud to be able to experience it. But now the soul is excited to see how this writer will continue to deal with it. He has largely completed his tasks and has one thing ahead of him. The soul watches exactly what he is doing, but is also aware that everything the writer will accomplish will not change the great growth because the growth of a soul can never be reduced retrospectively. We want to say that when the soul reaches a certain “size”, it never gets smaller again. [The] growth is always guaranteed, no matter how badly the incarnations behave on the worlds, it stays with the size or gets bigger.

Here we come to the concept of the sovereign integral (SI). An integral would increase in total value over time. It is the same with the soul. Since the soul can only ever grow and never “shrink”, it will only ever increase its “total value” and is thus similar to an integral.

We advise you to accept the knowledge about it, but not to use the term “sovereign integral”, since most people do not automatically become aware of the connection and it only increases confusion. We also say that the sovereign integral or the soul is so much more that we keep talking about so that the knowledge of the complexity of the soul should become known to every reader over time. This is a task for this writer that he would like to accomplish. So be curious about what we will tell you.

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