A0079: Is it listed in the soul plan if someone is to be abducted by extraterrestrials?

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No, such a thing is not agreed upon and thus there is nothing to solve there. We also think we have to say that the extraterrestrials who could visit one have nothing to do with the actual incarnation. Suppose someone meets an extraterrestrial, what would be the consequence? Right, he will struggle to be able to explain what exactly happened. This can be very inspiring and sometimes frightening, but the soul does not plan such activities, although there might be some attraction in bringing the person to a new level of understanding of the subject. That’s why certain beings might be interested in enabling a person to do something like that. But in general, such a thing is not a subject for discussion when the plan for the incarnations is made. We would like to add, all incarnations are planned beforehand and therefore the incarnation cycle with the first incarnation is already known everywhere. The contracts are based on the fact that all those present also fulfil them. Exceptions prove the rule, but ultimately you can only experience what you and everyone else has agreed too.

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