A0078: Is it possible for an already incarnated soul to be replaced by another soul?

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Indeed, we would like to add the following information. While the souls are being exchanged, no further karma points are accumulated which the original soul has not already accumulated. We are saying that an exchanged soul will never accumulate karma points again. This is because a swapped soul, which is now in the body, never gets more points than it received from the previous soul. Let’s say someone has already accumulated a large amount of karma points, wouldn’t it be unfair to the new soul if it could get more points on it? The previous soul does not take on any of these points, but must contractually commit to something in return. This is because otherwise every soul simply stops and will never learn from its mistakes. But it is extremely effective for souls who are stuck in their earthly life that they see no further way out. The consideration is always demanded and never forgotten. It is usually worse than the situation why the soul wanted to swap, but it is like a lifeline for the soul that is gladly taken. We also say that the soul that now inhabits the body has to have great willpower to get out of the deadlock. We also say the following: Whenever such an exchange takes place, many beings are involved, who first have to do the respective tasks in order to be able to organize the exchange. Many efforts fail beforehand because the contracting parties will not agree. This usually has the consequence that the soul that wants to trade, feels increasingly uncomfortable and usually chooses suicide. Everything is possible, but in the end the soul that is incarnated always decides on the outcome. Do not be intimidated by this, you will never experience something like this because these decisions are made at levels that you will never experience consciously. The soul will never be completely satisfied with the outcome, because everything that affects her life plan and thus all incarnations will be negatively affected.

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