A0071: Is it correct that, from your point of view, all incarnations exist in different epochs?

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No, it is actually not the case and we want to explain why it is.

  1. Whenever a person incarnates, the consequences over the course of his life are not yet 
foreseeable and we think we have to say: Many things will not happen as planned.
  2. Every person experiences situations in life that are also dependent on the past and were therefore not clearly defined beforehand.
  3. People have many connections that, if they do not go according to plan, do not lead to the desired goal. Therefore, many people have optional life plans that should take effect when the predetermined plan gets out of hand. Therefore, many situations are evaluated at “runtime” and then output. We think we have to say that a lot of things that are not going well with you in life are mostly related to the fact that you want to do something completely different or that other people in your area are acting contrary to the predetermined plan.
  4. The soul has foreseen many things, but it cannot direct the incarnations to represent puppets in the game of life. That is why it is always very exciting to see how the situations develop for you on Earth.

Nothing is as important as life on earth. Enjoy it to the last second, it is valuable, precious and you will only experience it once. We also say: live the life of a person you always want to sit across from, this is the best idea you need to live a full life and always be prepared for the spiritual world to benevolently acknowledge your life takes. That is all that matters, live and enjoy it, it will be over at some point. What do you think what most people say after death: “Oh, if only I had …”. You hear that again and again. We are happy if you would not argue that way when we ask you: “What would you have done differently?”

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