A0072: How do I manage to become thoughtless and to keep this state permanently?

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This is a state that is always assumed when the person is in absolute spiritual silence. This silence is always there, but is repeatedly interrupted by many thoughts. We also say that these thoughts form from the inner consciousness and slowly perspire upwards into the active consciousness. The formed thought is therefore on the move for a while before it takes root in active consciousness. Therefore, those present must first learn how to inhibit the production of inner thoughts. In a short period of time, this would actually mean that the person present could abruptly not perceive any thought. Therefore, the freedom of thought does not train, which only comes when the mind of the person present is 100% focused on one thing. It should be noted here that freedom of thought can be brought about, it would quickly disappear again when the person present stops working to keep his mind free. We would also like to emphasize that freedom of thought is essential to survive in the spiritual world. Every thoughtless thought has a creative impact. When you think of a turbulent thriller, everything is as real as it was made up. Freedom of thought should be practiced daily with a mantra. This mantra causes the subconscious to stop starting its thought program. If the mantra is consistently recited for 15 minutes every day, there is a short period of inner peace that lasts for a while. Then you shouldn’t stop saying the mantra every day, otherwise it’s all a waste of effort. The mantra has the effect that the mind of the present would not empty anything in no time and the present could work with the important things. Therefore speak the mantra and let yourself be surprised what an enormous effect it has on your mind.

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