A0073: Is climate change man-made?

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No, climate change, as you call it, is actually something that the planet as a whole has accomplished countless times. Humans have little influence on it and we would say that the effects are rather small. Every climate change in the last 15000 years has always resulted in a small ice age and we would advise people today and here: Be careful how you deal with the environment, you should always rethink your approach and decide how much you want for it Want to take care of the environment. We also say do not be intimidated by these people who think they should do everything possible to save the planet from destruction. None of this is correct and we also think we want to say: Do not be dictated how you should live, everything has its reasons and the so- called climate change has been part of your planet for countless periods without the cattle or the car ever having any influence on it. We also say. Believe these people who think they save you and the planet, not a syllable. Pay attention to your actions, everything will be fine if you as a person think that you always do the right thing. Many situations in your life cannot always be passed “climate neutral”, do your best to help the earth, but do not begin to align your life accordingly.

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