A0074: What should a pregnant woman look out for?

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We say the following: Whenever the mother-to-be thinks about these issues, many of the later factors are already predetermined. The mother as such takes care of the born child with care, but she should not neglect her. Whenever the factors do not meet the expectations, the first thing the family does is to find out who is responsible. The family can usually not find anyone who can be held responsible for this, and thus the mother and father blame each other. It is usually not the parents, but the child’s soul that is to blame for the misery. The soul determines the factors with which the child, that is, they incarnate. It is important to know that the child can be least blamed for its factors; it is born the way its soul wanted it. But parents can also make a great contribution. If they fulfill their duties as parents, the child can achieve everything it wanted, or rather its soul. Support the children as you would like to be supported, there is always a connection.

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