A0075: What is the phenomenon with these leaps in time or the sudden appearance of houses?

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We don’t know anything about houses that appear, but we would like to say something about the other things. If something appears out of “nothing”, it is mostly because the person to be seen has not seen it before. There can be many reasons for this, but they all have one thing in common. They always scare those present almost to death. We do not say that something cannot appear, even if we think that most of those present have never seen anything like it, but it is always exciting to see how people react to it. Let’s say someone is sitting in his room and a flower appears in front of him on the table. What would the person think, right “Oh, how nice”. Let’s say something else appears, e.g. a roll of toilet paper, what does the person think, exactly “Oh, what’s the point?” Suppose someone runs over a rabbit and in the evening it appears [dead] on the table, what would the person think. You know what we want to say with it and we believe the information has reached everyone. Yes, objects can [retrieve], but only if the person present wants it too.

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