A0076: What made Atlantis so special?

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Atlantis was more than most people would ever believe. There were rulers in Atlantis that would surpass anything you know. Technologically they weren’t as advanced as people today, but they had very different qualities that are nowhere to be found today. At festivals, the villagers were invited to take part. They were hosted by the inhabitants of the big cities and so there was hardly any dispute between the respective people.

They also often looked up at the sky and found out interesting things. We can say that they were far ahead of today’s astronomers. The respective stars [knew the] not only in their place, but they were also able to travel the [star roads]. If they have targeted a star system, they have traveled there as if by magic. They were able to do this through their spiritual and mental abilities. They also exchanged a lot of what they recognized with others.

They had some habits that we want to briefly explain. They were very peculiar in their choice of jewelry. They have never ventured onto the street with too much jewelry, but they were happy to show it off to their guests. They also liked to go for a walk, which was very fashionable at the time. The fashion itself was simple, nothing that wasn’t appropriate was ever worn in public. The pets were also not accompanied outside.

You see, they weren’t that different. But their science is second to none. If you really wanted to work like scientists, you should take these people as a role model. You have worked tirelessly for the good of the people. Even if this ultimately led to their downfall.

They will never appear on Earth in their former form again, but many of you are the descendants of these people. Nobody ever got involved. Research your family tree with care, then you will learn something that will go beyond your imagination. We do not mean the ordinary family tree, but the one that you have built over your incarnations. Many discover their roots in Atlantis, some were even there when they died. Remember, we would be delighted to see your faces again. So don’t think it’s easy, everything has a price, you’ve already paid for it.

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