A0070: Is it really possible to regenerate the body to an extent that you e.g. let failed teeth grow again?

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We say the following: Nature has many ways to accomplish its miracles. Dentures are one of them. The teeth are made of dentin, this raw material is only slightly present in the human body, so replacing a broken tooth is also problematic. If there is a sufficient amount of tooth material available, it is actually possible to replace it. We also say that the necessary raw materials can be taken by mouth and if the tooth is to be replaced, these stored raw materials are used in the body. This process is not difficult to understand, it is more difficult to get the tooth to grow. This requires willpower that most people do not have. Take, for example, someone who wants to have the middle molar replaced. For this, the raw materials have to be taken and the person has to concentrate mentally on the growth. It is only necessary to wish the tooth where it should ultimately grow. This means wishing every day and we emphasize that the person speaks the wish from the heart. This desire is then received by the beings present and these beings also ensure the growth in the speed at which the intensity of the wish is expressed. Many organs are regenerated on this basis and it is up to you what you do with them. The desire to renew a chopped off hand will never be fulfilled because the necessary amount of raw materials are not available in a body.

Question: What needs to be done to regrow a thyroid?
We say the following: The thyroid gland consists increasingly of inorganic substances, which, if determined, can be supplied via the mouth in the same way as with the teeth. Every child knows the therapy for treating a lost thyroid gland: “Always take a little from everyone and enjoy it”.

Question: Can growth be initiated by a theta healing?
No, it is actually not possible to initiate growth through theta healing here, but what can be done against the wish, everything can be desired before going to bed. It just has to be a heart’s desire, that’s all.

Then if you think it is too late to wish for something like this, then the time has come to wish for it. Never forget this, everything will be heard and you determine how intensely the treatment of the entities turns out. We also want to emphasize that the ingredients for a new thyroid are not difficult to obtain and you can figure out what to get yourself. That is why we say: Let yourself be surprised, it actually works and if this method has got around, you will be amazed at the healing successes that occur everywhere. We also say that you only consume as much of the substances as you actually need. Too much will always be harmful to your body and you can be sure that you are using the right ingredients.

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