A0069: How can I recognize my Ego and live in harmony with it?

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The Ego is not a person as most people would assume. The Ego is a figure in your consciousness that keeps you going and not stopping. It has been designed so that everything relating to your human person always takes precedence in order to live out all vital aspects. The Ego ensures that you don’t bless the timing too soon. It is the will to survive in your consciousness and has some other tasks that we would like to address another time. The Ego is always reassured when the person is doing well in the sense of balance. If a person is stressed, the Ego takes action and ensures that everything possible is done so that the person is balanced again. If you want to appease your Ego, do not speak to him, then he knows that everything is fine. If the person is constantly talking to himself, the Ego is always active. That is why a quiet mind is inevitable to keep the Ego in check. Another possibility is meditation, it combines the silence in the mental as well as in the physical and is ideally suited to have the Ego paused. The Ego is not bad in the sense of it is bad for you, but it combines many aspects of a person that are not always beneficial and should therefore be better kept under control. We also say: Love your Ego, but don’t let it be too close to your life. It comes when you are in need and is then the lifeline that a person needs for each life situation.

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