A0068: What is the cosmic network grid?

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Here we start with the explanation that it is not the cosmic network grid, as you described, but a network of energy flows that flood the universe and are connected to every larger object. This connection is made through a system of energetic currents, as a network may appear in your time. We seem to say that because this network of energetic currents does not distribute its currents like a computer network, but rather like a system of many individual networks, made up of energetic bubbles that are connected by the megastreams. The networks are reflected in everything that is. We think we have to say that these networks behave like the inner system of the Creator and thus reflect everything that is. The energetic currents are briefly influenced by beings with immense power. This can only be done briefly so that the harmony in the universe is not influenced too much. This harmony in the universe ensures a smooth coexistence of all possible elements, including your solar system, with all its living beings. We also say emphatically: This network is also responsible for many special features that your scientists still do not understand. Let us take the fact that recurrent gamma bursts cannot be explained to this day. […]. This fact enables the planet to renew itself without further ado through the energy network. Everything needs energy, only a little is visible and measurable for you.

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