A0067: Has the Betelgeuze star already exploded?

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It is actually difficult to say. The star has long been in a state of dissolving into a supernova. Much at the moment depends on a cosmic grid that runs through the galaxy. Maximum energy flows are transported in the grid, which [would] overshadow much that humans will ever develop. These streams of energy are designed to maintain a certain balance in the universe. Whenever something announces itself that carries cosmic dimensions, these energy flows are influenced in such a way that the event occurs but cannot do as much damage as it could originally. This flow of energy is influenced by beings who are capable of many great deeds but who would never change the end course of anything important. The wingmaker also have an impact on the outcome and all of these beings agree, but there is no specific date for the upcoming supernova. It will happen and you on earth can then take a staggered look at this spectacle. No one can say whether it will happen in the next 20 or 200 years, but it will be a spectacle that will cast a spell over all of humanity.

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