A0066: Are the books about Anastasia based on real events?

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We say yes, because many things in these books happened in the same way for the author. Many things have not been described in the right light, but that is the author’s fault. He is aware of how he describes himself in the books, but does not want to appear too arrogant and has changed many passages in the books for this reason, so that his appearance does not reflect the arrogance that he actually lived out.

Anastasia has been blessed by the Creator and she has a big task to accomplish. Her books are meant to reach many humans and make them recognise themselves with their own actions as if in a mirror. We feel we must say that her messages will bring many humans to where they should be.

Take the incident in the forest with the dogs. She is capable of conscientiously making animals understand what she, as a human, expects from them. Many beings are able to do this, but only a few humans can practise it as Anastasia does. She is capable of many things, but transporting her body to another planet is not one of them. She has actually created a parallel self that can travel to other planets. This is an extension of astral travel that is not yet possible for you present.

Many things have happened this way, but you will learn some more from the author of the books. She is something special that must be protected. Never act as rashly as the author of the Anastasia books when you meet very special humans. However, many things will be cleared up, because the fame of Anastasia will spread to all continents in the course of time. We also want to say that this child could bring forth even greater things, if this child should exist one day.

Question: How does extended astral travel work?

This way of travelling is not known to anyone except Anastasia and will not be known to other humans in the future.
We also advise caution with astral travel in terms of what planes are travelled to. They can be treacherous and harbour unpleasant experiences that do not seem to be everyone’s cup of tea. Travelling on the astral plane is very easy if you have managed to consciously leave your body. But like so many other things, the travel group is significant in order for the travel experience to be as beautiful as expected. Therefore, practise on a small scale before venturing into the universe. The journey will be easier if the requirements for the experience are defined beforehand. If you want to experience the incredible, you must know where to find it.

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