A0059: Is it possible to make people with physical ailments more tolerable with the help of out of body experiences?

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This is a question we would like to answer. Whenever new travel methods are researched, the resulting accident protection events must be carefully weighed up. If the route appears dangerous, it is essential to choose a safe vehicle and the protective measures must be adapted to the circumstances. We, in turn, are not bound by such protection. As astral beings, we are not able to succumb to an accident of the kind you can have. However, we have other protective measures that we take for such travel activities. On the one hand, we are vulnerable in the sense of energetic impulses and also on the confusing spaces through which we travel. We are neither in pain nor is time loss important to us. We travel in spirit, so what you call it astral. To answer the question, the journey itself is harmless for the traveler and yet we have always recognized that human travelers may be harmed in the form of incomprehensible situations in which they enter. Therefore, we only advise people who are mentally stable to take a trip to the astral plane. It doesn’t matter whether this person has a physical disorder or not, but they have to be able to frame the unimaginable so that not too many open questions about the trip confuse the traveler even more. 

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