A0058: Does the light trap really exist for humans?

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This “light trap” actually exists. However, we would never call them a trap, because this description is inherently negative. This so-called “trap” actually only ensures that the deceased can switch to their next incarnation. We do not say that they do it with the fullest consent of their state of consciousness, but like everything, this was previously determined by the soul. The soul has thought out exactly what and how it wants to experience the experiences in a physical body. In doing so, she went very carefully with all the resulting options until she worked out the exact plan for all incarnations. With this plan, she came to a place where she started her journey. Whenever an incarnation ends, the next incarnation is prepared on the plan and the deceased person or soul then starts their new life by going through various gates. We do not say that this happens with the consent of the respective incarnation, but ultimately the soul, including you, wants to experience growth, this happens when you walk through the gates.

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