A0057: What are suns and what does the sun mean in our solar system in relation to the living beings on earth?

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The creatures are nourished by the sun, if you will. The sun itself is an independent living being that must be cared for in order to be preserved. The supply takes place through the cosmic grid that runs through the entire universe. Whenever a sun is born, this grid is active and supports the sun in reaching its true size. Many factors play into the birth. On the one hand, the size of the sun from the planetary disk, which is composed of gaseous matter, is of great importance. At birth, the sun goes through a phase that we would call the change from a born to an unborn sun. If the sun is not born, it wilts to a planet-sized iron core that circles in space. However, if the sun is born, the explosion when the gas material ignites will trigger a tremendous shock wave that will be heard everywhere. This shock wave causes further eddies near the sun and causes further planet formation. One of these planets will later be populated by life, not only as you know it, but in a variety of ways.

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