A0056: Which nation really started World War II?

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We cannot go into too much detail here, because otherwise this writing pad will not have enough pages, but we want to give a brief overview. The nation that was interested in war is not the nation you would probably choose. Rather, it is a conglomerate of many organizations and influential people who have promoted this hideous war. Starting with the most influential nation on the planet at the time, the United States, and the countries it supported at the time. These nations wanted to keep the world power in the German empire small and have ensured that many small situations provoked this war. The German people were just the puppet in this hideous spectacle and the rulers had no objection to being their puppet. As always, unfair means were used, which, as they came about, only accelerated the process. Do not think German domination was not expanded in the same way. Every war, even in modern times, is always prepared and carried out in the same way. Only the actors as you see them are always interchangeable, the real pullers remain hidden as always. 

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