A0055: Why is there such a thing as the mass phenomenon of absolute social withdrawal in our time?

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We do not say that the social mass withdrawal exists, but rather there are beings who think they have to withdraw from the social environment for a certain time. This has consequences that we want to explain:

  1. With this type of fasting, the inner and outer senses are sharpened and we would think that man cleanses physically and psychologically in a special way.
  2. Man experiences miraculous things that can only happen to him. We do not say that these things are extraordinary, but have been forgotten too often.
  3. In everyday life, people are too often informed about things that are not good for them. We are particularly talking about the news about world events and the addiction to visual satisfaction. The fact of being entertained often plays a role here. A little initiative can provide excellent entertainment, and we think we know that entertainment takes up too much space in your life.
  4. If you think you get entertainment, entertain your fellow human beings with a great story, that’s a lot more entertainment than what you usually consume.
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