A0054: Do we live in a simulation?

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The simulation is not life alone, but we would think that the life we lead it could be described as an illusion. Take birth for example, something extraordinary happens. The new life is breathed into a fleshy being, so to speak. If that’s not crazy enough, take e.g. life itself, every morning you get up and decide to go to work or school and don’t wonder why you actually do this. Why don’t you stay there because you were told you had to work. Isn’t that an illusion? Why don’t you ask yourself why the milk is white and not pink or the cloud is floating and not flying. Because everything was planned in advance. Everything that is planned in its sequence is always a simulation. So we tell you, get up in the morning and enjoy this nice simulation as long as you can. It should be noted that everything would be a simulation.

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