A0060: What are elementals and what is their role?

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The elementals are beings whose lineage lies in a level of certainty. They are creatures without fear and are interested in everything that happens on earth. From time to time, they try to cause unrest and harass unsouled souls. They don’t want to do any harm, but they have their own interests in mind. Whenever such a being wants to get to know a person, we can only warn against it. In the end, nothing better comes out of it and they are smart to distract their target person from everyone else and play their games. Those who have elementals to talk to should quickly ask their spirit guide to banish these beings from the person’s environment so that they cannot play around with the person. You can only recognize elementals if they make themselves visible to you. Then you are under her spell and much too curious about what is yet to come. Banish them, they only bring troubled times. Let them go where they came from and don’t fall for the tricks. Many people have spent a lot of time with them, but none of them has advanced.

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