A0045: Will the lost continents such as Atlantis and Lemuria come to the surface again?

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These so-called continents still exist today and are inhabited. They have evolved to another level of existence and you cannot physically enter them physically. If you were able to do that, then incredible scenarios would take place that do not currently exist in your dimensions. For example, you might see spaceships that are in no way inferior to those from the most daring Hollywood productions and actually surpass them by far. The beings are also so advanced that what they create becomes reality solely through their creative powers of thought. Some there have an eye on the earth and watch exactly what humanity is doing there, others look at the universe as such and look at what other beings are doing in their respective dimensions. Society is not built up like yours, but much more advanced. This can be seen from the fact that wars or famines do not exist and that the disputes are discussed and resolved mentally or in a large council meeting. All inconveniences are regulated there by processes so that the population can concentrate on the essentials. You will never enter this realm and say how backward it is, you will be so amazed that it leaves you speechless.

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