A0046: For what reason are many deceased souls still on earth?

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The reason is on an elementary level. The reason is the unwillingness of the soul to go further, this can have different causes and we will list some here.

  1. The soul is bound to one place or person. As a result, she always follows this person or remains there.
  2. The powers that be responsible for transit have failed to persuade the soul to move on.
  3. People who cling to a deceased soul are not aware of its consequences and keep the soul at the current level.
  4. The soul has another task that it absolutely wants to do, and it only has the well-being of another person in mind, otherwise it would end up somewhere else.
  5. With some souls, kinship relationships will lead to some irreconcilable attachments that bind the soul to a secret location for a long time.
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