A0044: Are there Wingmaker?

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This is again an interesting topic that we would like to discuss with you. Whenever it comes to extraterrestrial life, the earth’s population is divided into two camps. Some think they are out there waiting for people to make contact and the other half think that extraterrestrial life can exist, if at all, only at a level that can be granted to the microbes. Very few consider that extraterrestrial life originated before the earth existed in its current form. Now we have reached a point in evolution where alien beings visited Earth when there weren’t even dinosaurs. These beings have initiated many useful changes on this planet that you still benefit from today. Take, for example, the moon, which in turn seems existential for your stable orbit around the sun. Or all the water on the surface was brought here by beings. The Wingmaker are a small group of beings who have set themselves the task of constantly controlling the process on Earth. They are very careful and hardly noticeable, so it is remarkable that you know them at all.

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