A0014: How do we stop world hunger?

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There are several prerequisites for this. People must never go to war against each other.

  1. For this, the history of Aphrodite must be consulted, because in its history there is not only evidence of a humane way of life, but deep in the texts the secret of healthy eating is hidden.
  2. Let go of all foods that are unnecessarily burdened by agriculture. Legumes would be particularly important.
  3. Do not think world hunger ends at the gates of the cities. No, especially in the cities, the foundations for this are laid. Be careful if you encounter autonomous self-catering in cities, the food is not edible.
  4. Whenever you can, only use organically grown food that supports small businesses and hurts large companies. Furthermore, if the big companies are weakened, prices will be at a value that seems reasonable. The reasonable prices are forcing people to grow again, which will end world hunger in the long run.
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