A0013: What happened at the 1959 Djatlov Pass?

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We will tell you the story from the perspective of someone present. Remember, the images shown will now appear tragic in such an unusual situation. But be assured, everything was necessary to understand what was happening. Now be aware that you will experience the beginning as she experienced it. Now sit back and meditate.

[Author: I started meditating. After a short time I saw dim pictures, no Ultra HD. I saw a bright flower with large “pollen stems”. Then two people fooling around in the snow. They pulled packed wooden sledges, but I’m not entirely sure. I couldn’t see much of it. Then I saw a tent camp, the tent was slashed and panic broke out. In between I saw people who had watched the camp. I couldn’t see what happened. I stopped meditation and asked again].
The people you saw [Author: watching the camp] were locals who watched the goings-on in the tents and at one point did not want to do nothing. With unprecedented cruelty, the company’s employees attempted to sacrifice their protection officers. This process was horrible for the locals and they wanted to end it. The situation has degenerated and the persons protected have not been able to save themselves immediately. The perpetrators were members of a second group. They waited until the guardians went to sleep before striking. Nothing the locals had tried helped, so the reasons for the mystery were laid to distract from the atrocities. The perpetrators can be found in the ranks of the second group. They were never asked what a mistake was.

[Author: Now I asked again for the reason]
The perpetrators were the members of the second expedition group. The perpetrators also wanted to receive part of the fame that the first group acquired through the acquisition of incomparable images. These pictures are of crucial importance for the further procedure in this matter. These pictures have never seen the light of the public. They have been under lock and key for a long time. These pictures show extraordinary sky spectacles that were caused by the acting of different beings. These unusual images will never be made public because they do not share the values of part of the earth’s population. Do not speculate about the pictures, it is futile, it is important to know, only you can judge what these pictures mean.

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