A0015: What is the difference between a dual and a twin soul?

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Dual Soul
With a dual soul, the soul components that are supposed to house the body are determined by the choice of the necessary persons. The dual soul contains only one soul component and therefore the other component has to wait until its time has come. Then the exchange is exchanged in the form of an out-of-body trip. As a result, the second soul component is no longer necessary due to the exchange and can return to its original soul. It should be noted that only a portion of the soul may be present in a body at a time.

Twin Soul
In the case of a twin soul, the actual component of the previously selected soul is itself. With the necessary powers to split a portion of the soul, the person present needs the permission of his higher council and it is not possible to withdraw this at the time of conception. There will never be two equal parts of a soul, but splitting a soul part is quite a common method to split the consequences of mental cruelty in a soul by several soul parts and thus to share the devastating consequences.

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