B053: What does an Anunnaki barque look like? – Part 2

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Today we report on the next largest Anunnaki spaceships after the barque. There are starships that are actually used for interplanetary travel, but mostly they are starships that serve military operations. They contain powerful weapon systems, which we will also address later, but they still have a peculiarity that we would like to explain first.

The peculiarity of a larger spaceship
When we talk about peculiarities of a spaceship, we should first clarify why there can be peculiarities in spaceships. Most people would think of a spaceship as a transport vehicle that has no life of its own. Let us now delve into this subject and surprise you with the following explanation. We once defined a life form something like this: Any being that experiences a limited existence is by definition a life form. A stone has a consciousness because a stone consists of a compressed form of energy. Every compressed energy package has a consciousness and the consciousness of a stone is incredibly slow in direct comparison to a human. Therefore, a stone is a life form because the stone contains consciousness and is transient. The stone will one day be transformed and thus it can also be said that the stone dies because the consciousness in the stone undergoes a change and is no longer present in that way. A stone also contains a personality, but it cannot express itself because the stone has neither the sensors for it, nor could you perceive it, because this expression would take an extremely long time to unfold. Humans would therefore think that a stone does not correspond to a life form and is dead matter. But that is wrong. If we were to make the same comparison with you and the tall white greys, you would be dead matter because a human on earth thinks very slowly compared to a tall white grey. We did exaggerate a little in the last comparison, but we wanted to sensitise you to the subject. Now when is something alive and when is it not, we ask? From the perspective of a spiritual being, everything is alive because everything contains consciousness. An atom in your world arises from a fractal of consciousness that resides at the quantum level in your universe. One fractal of consciousness of yours contains your entire personality. We say the following: A single fractal of consciousness of a being contains the being of the being and the being of a being makes the same decisions with a single fractal of consciousness of the being as it does with many of these fractals of consciousness. However, a single fractal of consciousness is much slower in making decisions than are many fractals of consciousness. A human consciousness consists of innumerable consciousness fractals, but even a single consciousness fractal contains the entire being of the human, but it can only think very slowly on its own. A single fractal of consciousness of yours will complete a thinking task with the same result as many fractals of consciousness of yours together, only that many fractals of consciousness will reach the same result much faster than a single fractal of consciousness. If a single fractal of consciousness combines everything that makes up a being, then an atom that has come into existence in your universe is a life form, just like a human, only it can think much more slowly. This atom does not have the sensors that your human body provides. It is through your body sensors that you can perceive and experience your environment as it was intended for you humans by the Wingmakers.

We have said before that there are crystals in a spaceship that are responsible for the well-being of the crew and that are responsible for the control of the spaceship. Therefore, these crystals must be charged with very potent amounts of energy if they are to travel long distances. These spaceships have to cover long distances and possibly also supply energy weapons with energy. Energy weapons require a huge amount of energy to function at all. If a lot of energy is accumulated in one place, an independent consciousness will also manifest there. If the consciousness in the crystal continues to rise, it will one day develop something like a personality, even if it cannot be compared with the complex personality of a human. Nevertheless, larger spaceships will develop a life of their own, which will come into play when a member on board wants something done. If a being on the spaceship is rude or brash to the crystal consciousness, it may not get as satisfactory a result as a being who politely gives an instruction to the crystal consciousness. This is the peculiarity that you should know because all space-faring species will one day construct spaceships that require more and more energy and will therefore develop this peculiarity that you can hardly comprehend today. Now let us move on to the other categories of Anunnaki spacecraft.

The Cruiser
A Cruiser is a larger craft used for interplanetary travel. If you want to fly from Earth to Mars to carry out your duties with the Solar Council, which is based beneath the surface of Mars in an impressive underground city, you would use a Cruiser. Cruisers always have at least one hangar where at least one transport ship is kept. These transport ships are used to travel between the cruiser and a destination. Either you travel with the transport spacecraft to other spacecraft or you travel to a nearby planet. If you want to travel with this transport spacecraft to the underground city of the solar council, the spacecraft will fly through the earth’s crust without taking damage or damaging the earth’s crust. We have explained the concept of this in detail several times in the general blog, but we will briefly explain how you can imagine it.

Every object generates an energy field around it. This happens with your human body just as it happens with a watering can. A spaceship is also just an object and whether other objects exist in the spaceship is not important at all. The spaceship generates an energy field around itself and this energy field contains all the information of the object. The object consists of a number of different atoms and each smaller object in the object of the spaceship delimits itself within the spaceship by its own energy field. However, when an object generates an energy field, the information of the embedded objects is also present in this energy field, so that the object can also be told via a thought flash that it should reduce its holding forces between the atoms evenly. If this happens to an object, the holding forces within the object are reduced, but the shape of the object remains. If you could magnify an object under a microscope more and more, you would find that there is an incredible amount of space between the individual atoms that make up the object. The holding forces between the atoms of one object exclude the atoms of another object because the holding forces of the different objects work against each other and block each other. But if the holding forces of one object are reduced, then the holding forces of the affected object do not block the holding forces of the unaffected object. The atoms of the two objects can pass each other and if an atom of one object does meet an atom of another object, they will push past each other at a safe distance. So a spaceship can travel through solid matter without anything strange happening that could cause damage. You can also interpret it this way: When the spaceship lowers its holding forces, it is to be judged like a projection because its present reality is on a displaced plane of existence. This allows an extraterrestrial visitor to pass through a closed door or wall without damaging the door or wall. Once the extraterrestrial being has arrived in space, it resets the holding forces of its body to the values for this plane of existence and it can interact with its environment. So spaceships simply fly through the universe at faster-than-light speeds without regard to whether there are planets or suns on their trajectory, because they simply fly through it as if they or the obstacles were projections. It is as simple as that. The scribbler knows how the concepts behind it work, and if you want to understand it too, read the information about it on his blog. When seekers find the series on the ten dimensions of information on the scribbler’s general blog, they will understand physics much better than they do today.

The Anunnaki cruisers look like Fleet Cruisers from the outside and the comparison with an elongated shoe box is very apt. Inside, it’s pure luxury because the crew and passengers want for nothing. There are rest areas for the crew and also areas for entertainment. Anunnaki also get intoxicated, but not in the way you do, and they don’t lose their composure, so they seem exhilarated but not drunk or drugged. What the Anunnaki do and how they pass the time will be revealed in a separate entry. If you were to look at a hangar on a cruiser, you would not find any openings to the outside, but the transport ships fly through the outer hull, which is briefly affected by the cruiser, so that the holding forces of the outer wall are briefly reduced. What happens to the air in the hangar? Shouldn’t it escape if the outer wall is affected, we ask ourselves? No, it doesn’t, and we will reveal the concepts of this in later entries on the scribbler’s general blog, because we need to build up background knowledge with you first, so that you can also understand why this has to be the case. Now let’s move on to the next category of spaceships that seem the most impressive.

The Fleet Cruiser
Fleet Cruisers are so massive in their proportions for a reason and you would call them Generation Starships, which seems accurate. A generation starship is meant to serve as another home where the crew lacks nothing. These starships have landscapes on levels, which will now baffle many readers, but a small underground city, as we described in the series on Atlantis, also exists in these massive Fleet Cruisers. There is an extremely rich flora and fauna and many beings are busy managing this small world. A Fleet Cruiser provides itself and its inhabitants with everything, so that it can be considered like a biosphere. If such a Fleet Cruiser is put into service, it will travel around self-sufficiently for millennia and the beings and the Fleet Cruiser are completely independent of the outside world because the habitat in the spaceship provides everything that is needed. Energy problems are not known to far advanced species and that is also something that urgently needs to be changed on Earth. How long does it take the Anunnaki to build such a Fleet Cruiser of one hundred kilometres in length, we ask? Several decades, always depending on what this Fleet Cruiser is intended for. Fleet Cruisers intended to be stationary around a planet to monitor gold mining are made more quickly than a Fleet Cruiser intended to go into battle with other interstellar-travelling species. Battle cruisers generally tend to be smaller because these starships are not always fully manned. Today, these Battle Cruisers are used to intimidate less advanced species that are not yet capable of constructing their own Fleet Cruisers. Battle cruisers do not have massive weapons with which to wipe out planets, but battle cruisers contain many fast war machines, for air and ground combat. Yes, the present-day Anunnaki do occasionally go to war, but only against beings they can defeat, for that promises glory with which they like to clothe themselves. The Anunnaki do not raid foreign planets, but the Anunnaki are also allowed to establish outposts on almost all celestial bodies. If an outpost is attacked by the native species, the war strategists’ great hour has come. The war strategists will devote themselves unreservedly to the task of fighting the attacking species on the planet with the means at their disposal. This is the greatest joy for the war strategists, for it requires skill and foresight that most Anunnaki lack. A native species may not be met with the full force of the Anunnaki’s weapons on their planet, because the outpost under attack must always maintain the ratio of force. They could, of course, simply leave the planet to avoid trouble with the native species, but the Anunnaki do not want that. That’s why they will match their weapons to those of the native species, lest more advanced species appear and ultimately kick them out of the quadrant. The reptoid species does it this way with groups that don’t follow the universal rules. It doesn’t matter if the Anunnaki show up with their entire battle fleet, because the reptoid beings are several categories too big for the Anunnaki. They prefer to spend their time fighting the native species to boost their fame and pride, because that is a reason to make a name for themselves and the Anunnaki do not let this chance slip away. They fight fiercely and actually always win, but they are under constant observation, which they do not like at all. Space battles also occur, but the Anunnaki are notorious for being almost impossible to defeat when such conflicts escalate.

We would like to put the information about the warlike conflicts of far advanced species into a separate entry, because this information will be exceedingly interesting for you. The worthwhile space battles from your movies hardly come close to reality, because history took the strangest turns in your universe, but more about that later. We have now roughly described the most important differences to the spaceships, although here we were only concerned with the Anunnaki. If you were to look at the species of the Greys, you would discover many fast flying machines that either look like the classic UFOs or more like the impressive X-Wing from the well-known movies. Only your idea of so-called laser weapons is rather far from reality, but we will be able to report a lot about that in the series that may start soon.

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