B020: What happened when the Anunnaki arrived on Earth? – Part 4

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Have you ever wondered how your society was formed? No? Then we will tell you today. For socially you are descendants of the Anunnaki and you still have many social structures that were implemented by the Anunnaki into Earth society. All social occasions are based on strengthening these social structures. Your birthdays are celebrated because the Anunnaki celebrate the production day of their birth exceedingly. If the Anunnaki had not appeared on your planets, you would know your birthday but not celebrate it because it is not usual. As the Anunnaki are strongly driven by how their social standing appears, they will take any opportunity to impress their brothers and sisters. The Anunnaki have chosen their own production day to be celebrated over and over again. You humans have taken over, but the Anunnaki did not publicly celebrate their production day, they celebrated their arrival day. That is why you must understand that many pagan holidays come from this time, because the pagan people groups were also very influenced by the Anunnaki. Pagan rituals are closely linked to the Anunnaki even though they lost their luster long ago. Many cultures on your planet have been positively influenced by the Anunnaki over a long period of time, and much has been done differently in different places than the main base on the Mediterranean. The Anunnaki are very hierarchical in their social structure. There is always someone who can command an Anunnaki to do something, so for the time on earth Enki was the supreme commander and directly under him were so-called gods who controlled a certain area on earth. These so-called gods were very highly regarded and they always had a large following that was directly subordinate to them. This is how the Anunnaki operate on all the planets where they plunder the gold resources. Seth was one of these gods and he commanded the Asian realm, with many other gods having realms they controlled right next to him. Since an Anunnaki likes to place one’s worth in the amount of gold mined, there were always fights between these gods because gold is power and power almost always corrupts a being, so these gods fought each other. There were many deaths, but mostly only among the humans, so that it was also one of Enki’s main tasks to ensure that these quarrels did not get out of hand, so that Enki repeatedly admonished or even punished his gods. Seth was one of those generals who were punished for starting fights too often, and Seth was regularly admonished, so that one day Enki had no choice but to punish Seth. What is such a punishment, you may ask, and we will tell you. Seth had to stop mining gold and he and his followers were condemned to establish the cultural achievements of the Anunnaki on the planet. So that every human being also knows who these gods are and what is expected of humans when a god comes to visit. This task is to be interpreted as punishment among the Anunnaki because they are not allowed to mine gold, nor is their name held in high regard in any area. They only represent the advance party to prepare everything when Enki and his gods pay their respects to plunder the next great gold reserves. We have already said that Seth was exceedingly curious for an Anunnaki, so that during his penal period he was much concerned with the people and their social structures. When a social order is strongly represented in a society, then it becomes difficult to change this basic order, so Seth did not discard these structures, but improved them in the sense of the Anunnaki. This is how the cult of the sun came into being, based on Seth’s thoughts about how the native people in the South American regions would follow the new gods in a promising way. The culture of that time had already developed a cult around the sun, but Seth spent a lot of time making this cult into what you still know of it today. Seth travelled all over the planet and wherever there were large deposits of gold, Seth left his personal fingerprint. There were always cultural revolutions in these areas on Earth, but for the most part they never looked alike. If the main components on which the structures of these societies were built are compared, then the signature of Seth can be identified. Seth was very successful in his efforts so that Enki could later command the prepared cultures through his gods so that the gold could be plundered. If Seth arrived in a place, it took decades for the culture to be such that the population did what the later gods asked of them without much resistance. But it was also always a gain for the people of that time, because they not only advanced culturally, but many things had actually improved as a result. It can be said that the Anunnaki are responsible for the fact that you had many advanced civilisations on Earth that brought many social benefits to the people. In the long run it all has to do with the gold deposits in these areas. The Anunnaki quickly lost interest in the humans when gold mining no longer provided the quantities they hoped for. Much is still present in your cultures today that originated with the Anunnaki, and Seth was instrumental in that.

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