B019: What happened when the Anunnaki arrived on Earth? – Part 3

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Enki let himself be celebrated and during the festivities Enki impressed the people present with a lot of technological mumbo-jumbo. Therefore, every person present was absolutely convinced that Enki was their god and many things had already been initiated by his followers so that Enki could also be honoured in a manner befitting his status. At that time, the people were convinced from the bottom of their hearts that Enki was really their God and that everything would now be better. The followers quickly began to transform human society so that the stage could be set for the next phase. The Anunnaki are really only interested in the gold deposits and they do not want human society to develop technologically. Because then they could quickly find out that the Anunnaki are not gods, but only an advanced race that plunders the resources of this planet. Therefore, training only took place where the Anunnaki also saw an advantage in the long term. Technology was certainly not one of them, so much was done to keep the people so busy that it hardly occurred to them to question the achievements of the gods. Society was trained, among other things, to establish the right cult around their gods. Structures were then implemented in the society of the people that produced rulers who united tribes under them to lead them in the spirit of the gods. When this happened, the tribes that refused were wiped out by the Anunnaki in such a way that all the other tribes knew what would happen to them if they too resisted. The technology of the Anunnaki is very effective, so that the wiping out of the tribes was a spectacle beyond compare. The effects could be heard for days in distant regions, so that the gods not only secured the reign of the first rulers, but also their own, for no one resisted any longer. Now the Anunnaki could sit back and their elected earthly rulers did what they wanted and they wanted lots of gold, so once the social restructuring was complete, the mining of gold became paramount. When the Anunnaki began to define the social structures, they were meticulous in making sure that the people understood why they needed this restructuring. The Anunnaki trained many people and they were able to ensure that it was not the gods who were driving this restructuring, but that it was seemingly the people who needed this change. They had an easy time gradually implementing this social change in the people. When the change was almost complete, there were the first uprisings, which were thwarted by the submissive people themselves, but the Anunnaki were surprised even then because they did not expect it. Earth humanity is extraordinary and has a great deal of potential so that one day it will dominate the human race, because other human races can hardly be compared to the Earth human race. You can be extremely human on Earth, but you can also be extremely inhuman. These extremes that Earth humanity is capable of are unparalleled in your Universe and the Anunnaki have felt both of these extremes. This has unsettled them especially in the uprisings because they have never observed this extreme before in a human race. When the first resistance was broken, it was peaceful for a very long time, but even then forms manifested in the energy field of the Earth that indicated in retrospect that the Anunnaki were going to have a lot more problems. The Anunnaki were aware of these forms, but their arrogance ensured that these forms were not given any further attention. The extreme humanity that humans are capable of caused the Anunnaki Seth to become more and more involved with humans. This was generally never the case, as the Anunnaki saw earthly humans as nothing more than work animals. Seth is different, this also has to do with the fact that Seth has much more curiosity than most Anunnaki. The Anunnaki are produced and this process long ago ensured that curiosity in an Anunnaki was kept to a minimum. Exceptions prove the rule and Seth is one such exception in curiosity. Seth has studied human beings a lot and he saw this great potential of humanity in earthly beings. That is why one day Seth got the realisation that earthly humans are not only equal to an Anunnaki, but that earthly humans will one day dominate the universe. Earthly humans are capable of so many deep and great emotions that they will surpass all other species. If a species is capable of great things now, what will the species be capable of in the future? These considerations fascinated Seth and we also think that Seth is the only Anunnaki in the entire universe who can be considered a kind of humanitarian among the Anunnaki. Seth is an Anunnaki and Seth is also driven by all the characteristics of an Anunnaki, but he is also the only Anunnaki who saw something in the people of Earth that made him realise that Anunnaki society seems outdated. An Anunnaki will never reach the potential that Earthly humans will one day hold, nor will Anunnaki society ever fundamentally change. The Anunnaki are doomed to die out one day. Nothing will remain of their achievements because the universe is evolving but the Anunnaki stopped evolving long ago. The Anunnaki will disappear and also everything that has to do with this society. Earthly humans are quite different because they represent that evolution, even if you cannot believe it at the moment, but you represent the crown of human creation. In the far future, when you reach that crown of human creation, because you have developed so much humanity, you will dominate the Universe as the most successful species. You will not oppress other species, but with your humanity you will be an example to all other species. It will be a long time before this happens, but Seth has already had an inkling. We will look at social change in more detail in the next part, so you must acknowledge that the Anunnaki have also brought much good to you. Seth is becoming more and more of a theme because Seth is a major figure in the historical context along with Enki. You will also see Seth alongside Enki later when the Anunnaki pay their respects on Earth after official first contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial species.

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