B018: What happened when the Anunnaki arrived on Earth? – Part 2

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When Enki stepped out of the spaceship, much had happened beforehand, so that all the inhabitants were also punctually present at this moment of the Anunnaki. The entourage had contacted some of the residents beforehand so that this would also be the dignified moment for the arrival of the gods, just as the Anunnaki were used to. Simply landing and announcing that their gods had now returned would be beneath the expectations of an Anunnaki. That is why a lot was done to make this a memorable moment for the small community of inhabitants, because Anunnaki always want to impress very much with everything, it is the nature of the Anunnaki. Enki got out and everything was quiet because Enki outshone all the other Anunnaki with his golden armour. He was very exuberant and someone could say he enjoyed that moment immensely because he knew that his name will now go down in history on this planet. He, the great Enki, will be the supreme god of all gods and his name will be spoken with great reverence thousands of years from now. The Anunnaki have already deceived countless worlds in this way and they brought progress, but also many problems. When the problems became too great, they were not only ignored, but when the mining of gold no longer seemed profitable, they simply abandoned the peoples on those worlds, saying that they would return. This always led to the cult around the Anunnaki being strengthened, so that the peoples mourned false gods who then never showed themselves again. This is what would have happened to Earth, but Enki was driven from Earth. The standard Anunnaki procedure did not work, so you know that there were once gods on Earth, but you only see it as a story. Normally the cult of the Anunnaki would still be very present with you, but because the people of the Mediterranean at that time fought the Anunnaki and drove them away, this cult could not take root as it did on other worlds in the cultures of the inhabitants. All this not only angers Enki today, but the expulsion of the Anunnaki from Earth is to be regarded as a disgrace among the Anunnaki, so that many Anunnaki still have a score to settle with earthly humanity. Enki did not know all this at the time, so he let himself be celebrated exuberantly as the new god of humanity. When the spaceship landed, it was loud and threatening to the humans. This was planned because the people were not only to be impressed, but they were also to show proper respect for the gods, so the landing was a great theatrical event. The Anunnaki spacecraft are almost silent, but that would not have made the necessary impression, so they staged their arrival loudly and pompously. They will do the same again when, long after the official first contact, humans welcome the non-human species to your planet. They will land with a more impressive vehicle than when they first arrived, because the humans have already experienced a lot by then. They have to dig very deep into the box of special effects to leave the impression they usually always leave when they officially appear in another place for the first time. The villagers were impressed and very intimidated because the whole performance of the Anunnaki was well thought out, so that for a long time many celebrations were held for the returned gods. The Anunnaki not only appeared friendly, they were, but only because the real work had not yet begun. For many years gold deposits had already been accepted, but first the infrastructure had to be built up so that the large gold deposits could also be plundered. We are talking about many thousands of tonnes buried in the ground. What you are mining today would never have caused an Anunnaki to visit Earth. Even your gold deposits are too little for them. Only when the output is so great that the local population can mine the gold for the Anunnaki for hundreds of years, only then is it worth investing the effort to build this society. Only then could the Anunnaki derive maximum benefit from it. The spaceship stayed near the city for a few weeks, so that emissaries were sent from all environments to report to the gods in their districts. The spaceships flew very low over the areas so that everyone could also guess where these gods were gathering. Enki did not only descend at the Nile, but many places on your planet were visited in this way and now you also know where there were these great gold deposits at that time. But we are going to tell you about the Mediterranean area next time, because that is where the resistance was most fierce later on, so there was really a lot happening there that we would like to tell you about.

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