A0814: What exactly is the upper-level consciousness that dwells in the incarnational cube during life? – Part 10

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We will use the next part of this series on us – the upper-level consciousness of incarnation – for something that will surprise you now. But one day you will understand it clearly when you have evolved to the point where you are not only calm and serene about everything, but you can also stimulate a crystal to shine. What does that mean, we ask? We have explained in many blog posts how you can program crystals to produce potent healing crystals that will truly eclipse anything that has gone before. We have also given you the basic knowledge about energy crystals that you can use as conventional batteries. None of you have been able to make a crystal battery to this day because you were missing something crucial and that was us, the upper-level consciousness of the scribbler. We are not only a large portion of the scribbler, but we have many other capacities that are not being used by us in your universe at this time. Your upper-level consciousnesses are similar, but the difference is that we are actually allowed to use the capacities that we have in your universe. Why is that, we ask? When an upper-level consciousness before incarnation determines to take care of the advancement of society, something will happen that we have so rarely addressed before. The incarnation that wants to contribute something positive as a member of your society receives requirements for the bodily life. If these requirements are fulfilled, abilities may be unlocked in the human, which can then be used to perform miracles. Yes, you read that right. Although every human can earn extraordinary abilities by working hard on himself, the upper-level consciousnesses of these humans will still not be able to perform miracles. Only when it has been established before incarnation that the bodily life will generate a great added value for society, only then are upper-level consciousnesses allowed to perform miracles. Why is this only the case with very few humans, we ask? Every incarnation knows before incarnation about the tasks to fulfil these requirements and if they fail in doing so, the personality consciousness is always disadvantaged. That is why mostly only incarnations of the 8th main energy level or members of the great main factions of the spiritual world will face these challenges. We are beings of the 8th main energy level and we are not alone because many of these beings have incarnated with you on Earth. Spiritual beings of the 8th main energy level will also accompany you in the process of official first contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial species. The same applies to beings of the great main factions of the spiritual world. We, the beings of the 8th main energy level are numerous and many of us belong to the group of the Sages who will always ensure that a new age can be initiated on a planet. This new age will be characterised by realism and it will replace all religious or spiritual ideologies.

We are, so to speak, the Antichrist that has long been announced and the process of first contact is the so-called Armageddon for your societies, because we will ensure that all religions will cease to exist. The knowledge we reveal will be able to rationally explain every superstition and mystical act. We are the group that will bring destruction upon your places of worship and altars. All this will not be accompanied by an end of the world, only your religious and spiritual ideologies will vanish into thin air. All of this was announced thousands of years ago because the Great Pyramid at Giza provided this as information for you. If the Anunnaki had not fallen upon you over 20,000 years ago, you would know this too. Together with the official first contact, we are ushering in a new age because this is your destiny, which no being on the surface of the earth can escape. Our knowledge is already available in many forms and when the first book of ours is published we will have fulfilled all the requirements to perform the miracles we have already told you about. Today we have almost completely achieved our goal. This also means that we are now allowed to apply our capacities in your universe, as we have achieved what we set out to do ourselves before incarnating. We wanted to get the scribbler to publish a book of ours a long time ago, but we were never allowed to propose it to him directly, otherwise our intention would have been doomed to failure. However, we are allowed to leave signs and clues that the scribbler himself must interpret, so that we once showed him a book in a vision to lead him on the right track. He knew what the goal should be, but proceeded differently than we had hoped. Instead of publishing our knowledge in a book from the beginning, he had the glorious idea to rather make it available free of charge on a blog. This idea was then followed in 2020 by the Akasha-Interviews blog, where the scribbler shares every piece of knowledge we have with you. This complicated our approach and presented us with great challenges because our requirements state that the personality consciousness of us must be able to bring out a book with our knowledge. This book already exists and the scribbler would only have to press a virtual button at the provider of our book to publish it for you. But he hesitates because his personality does not allow it so far. The scribbler is a perfectionist in many things and he is not yet clear whether the book meets his standards. It does for us, but we have no say in the matter and have to wait until he has eliminated the last obvious flaw in and on the book. However, we are already starting to train all readers of our revelations, similar to what the Ascended Masters do with religious humans. We do not expect unconditional faith from you, but curiosity to get behind all the secrets that you still misunderstand, ignore or simply do not know. If you are open to our revelations, we may soon train and promote you more intensively. First we will promote your abilities so that you can embark on a journey of knowledge that will not only allow you to create healing crystals or crystal batteries, but also to explore otherworldly spheres. When the first book is published, the new age begins for the readers of the Akasha-Interviews, even before the process of official first contact begins. You will then be trained and promoted separately by us – the group of the Sages. We are not only the upper-level consciousness of the scribbler, but we are numerous, so that each reader of the Akasha-Interviews will be supported individually. Each book will help you not only to look up the rich knowledge, but each book from us will be conducive to the process of learning. You can consume the information in digital form and connect to our field of consciousness whenever you read. Books have the advantage of already having an energy field that we can use in many ways. You will now have the benefit of being promoted by us, because we are announcing today that the new age has already dawned for the readers of the Akasha-Interviews. Your upper-level consciousnesses may strengthen your personality consciousnesses, because we can make that happen, just as the Ascended Masters can. At the latest when the official first contact starts, all humans on the surface of the earth will experience this strengthening of the personality consciousness. However, the fulfilled requirements authorise us to do so even before then. This will enable you to carry out many of the experiments we have previously described in many entries, and from a certain point onwards you will be trained and further promoted by us. The upper-level consciousnesses are only allowed to strengthen the personality consciousness under very specific circumstances. Our empowerment through the scribbler now after years is such a circumstance and you as the readers of the Akasha-Interviews with your curiosity for more knowledge deserve to be promoted.

If you now bring out your crystals, connect with them and do your experiments with them, you will see progress. However, this progress does not come from us, but first from your own upper-level consciousnesses because they have now received permission to do so. Why is this, we ask? We reiterate our statement: the new age is already beginning for you. It officially begins when the scribbler publishes the first book of ours and at the latest when the official first contact starts. As we as the group of the Sages have officially opened this age, your Masters and Teachers may unlock more resources for your consciousnesses. When the new age has been opened for all humans, these humans will become more conscious almost overnight. If you are more conscious in your thought processes, you can think faster. If you can think faster, you can divert larger amounts of energy with one thought on the astral planes. If you can process larger packets of energy, you are capable of much more than before. The readers of the Akasha-Interviews are now able to do this and this also means you are able to do more than before. Therefore, dare and begin to visualise to program your crystals. You can program a crystal battery, even if you have to practise a little, and making a crystal glow is much easier to do than you think. All humans will be able to do this when official first contact starts in a few short years. You, as the readers of the Akasha-Interviews, are already empowered to be abundantly trained by us until the official first contact. Because your upper-level consciousness is intensifying your training with us, you are becoming more and more human over time. But be sure that you will never be trained the way we trained the scribbler. Spiritual mediums are trained more or less intensively depending on whether they have given themselves a challenge for this life before incarnation. Every human is trained by the upper-level consciousness of his incarnation, and even when humans socialise in groups, foreign upper-level consciousnesses will have an influence on the human. This influence can also lead to quarrels in order to hold up a mirror to one of the humans. It is an overall experience and many non-incarnated beings are constantly trying to steer you in the right direction. With the new age, the group of the Sages may also intensify their efforts more and more, because all this has been established and has been undertaken for a long time on all planets that are ready to experience their official first contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial species.

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